• Summer Registration Takes Off - 02/08/2018

    Eighty programs will be running this summer, from Haifa in the north to Be’ersheva in the south. The scope of programs has grown, and participants can choose from a broad range of internship experiences. These include arts and culture, communications and social media, computer science and start-ups, diversity and social justice, sustainability and green energy and sports, hospitality and management. The list goes on.

    Due to high demand, registration for the Finance and Economics program, and the Science and Health program, have already been closed.  Another exciting option includes Sustainability and Green Energy, which places participants in a variety of positions with leading green tech start-ups, renewable energy companies and environmental policy makers.

    Onward’s significant growth is made possible by the organization’s leveraged funding. Participant costs are covered 40% by committed strategic partners, mainly leading North American philanthropic foundations, who believe passionately in Onward’s mission.

    Thirty percent of funding is covered by programmatic partners, including Federations across North America and 30% by participants. In this way, investments by all parties are matched nearly 2:1.

    According to Ilan Wagner, Onward Israel CEO, “There is strong demand among college students and birthright graduates to return to Israel. Onward offers a program that is the right length of time, the right price and the right experience.”

    “Onward Israel is designed to meet the interests of today’s young adults who seek international resume-building experiences. It is becoming one of the most attractive and fastest growing deep impact program s in the Jewish world,” says David Shapira, Onward Israel co-founder and Chairman of the Board.