• CEO Corner: The New Onward App - 02/12/2018

    Taking Connection to the Next Level

    Available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, the app is downloaded by participants before they come on their program and stays with them long after they return home.

    The Onward Israel App is a gateway to the program and to Israel. It offers exciting opportunities for participants to:

    • Receive and store vital information from their program organizers
    • Have immediate contact with program staff and other participants
    • Learn about travel, social and cultural activities they can enjoy during their time in Israel
    • Choose from Onward’s menu of weekend retreats and enrichment activities – each time meeting new people from more than 80 Onward programs
    • Organize Shabbat meals and going out with other Onward participants in the same city or region, i.e. – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Be’ersheva, Haifa, etc.
    • Make new friends, post and chat with them and maintain these connection throughout the program and beyond.

    For Onward Alumni, the app creates a digital network of professional and personal connection. Alumni can:

    • Join professional interest groups
    • Network professionally and personally
    • Find job opportunities
    • Organize group activities for Onward alumni
    • Find out about Jewish and Israel cultural and social events on campus and in their areas
    • Receive updates on what is happening in Israel and the Jewish world
    • Become an Onward “appbassador”- uploading content and opportunities to allow alumni to continue their Jewish, Israel, personal and professional growth.

    For 2018 we will closely monitor the initial use of the Onward Israel App and with our partners at Webbing Labs make adjustments. We will evaluate after this summer – but we hope that through this technological innovation we can significantly improve communication and information flow during the program, and create a vibrant alumni network for many years to come.

    Our winter 2018 pilot analytics show a very high degree of participant use of the app while on the program.  An encouraging start indeed!


    Ilan Wagner